Wireless Remote Speaker/Microphone module

Wireless Remote Speaker/Microphone module

Two-way voice communication can make a difference during an emergency. Linear extends the voice communications range of its advanced Help-Now Personal Emergency Reporting System Console with the optional Remote Speaker-Microphone Modules (RSM).

The Remote Speaker Kit (RSM-BASE and RSM-WALL) enhance the effectiveness of the Help-Now IN-Home system. Clear, loud 2-way voice allows subscribers to talk with their central station operator from the bath, laundry, 2nd floor, or basement - anywhere within wireless range.

Users can move with confidence, knowing help is there when they need it.

The Help-Now RSM Modules deliver simple setup, extensive two-way communication coverage and other conveniences.

  • Easy installation - the plug-in Base Module  simply attaches to Help-Now 2-way voice console
  • Base Module supports up to 4 Wireless Voice Extender Wall Stations
  • Concealed line cord on the remote speaker allows for wall or tabletop mounting
  • Compact, unobtrusive design
  • Designed for use in the bathroom and other high-humidity environments
  • Allows subscriber to hear Central Station operator throughout the entire home