Emergency Button

Help-Now’s wireless medical alert button provides an ideal solution for people who need to signal an emergency when they are not close to the control panel or their pendant call button. The emergency button offers multiple additional features that enhance user comfort, such as allowing users to answer incoming calls when the telephone is not within reach.

Help-Now’s emergency button has several design features that make it visible at all times. It has a large red button that, when pressed, activates the red LED light for a few seconds. This makes it visible from most angles and reassures the user that the call has been activated. The button intermittently lights up, blinking every few seconds, so that it can be easily located at night. In addition, it includes an optional humidity-resistant silicon pocket so that it can be installed in humid environments such as on shower walls, in factories, hospitals, gardens, and pools.

The status of the emergency button is continually monitored. If the battery power becomes too low, the control panel is automatically alerted, enabling timely replacement of batteries to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Help-Now’s emergency button features:

  • Enables a user to raise emergency alarm calls when the control panel is out of reach
  • Enables remote answering of incoming calls
  • Attractive and compact design
  • Low battery indication and alerts sent to the monitoring centre
  • Five-year expected battery life (for one alarm per day) including back light
  • Water-resistant
  • Large easy-to-find help button
  • Optional blank, non-labeled, aqua colored button 
  • Visual activation indicator
  • Full RF supervision, field enabled
  • Long-life lithium batteries
  • RF frequency: 315 MHz
  • 2.5" W x 3" H x .6" D